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What They Are Saying About The Ashram Mallorca

"I am pouring with sweat, my feet are throbbing, and it's only half an hour into a four hour walk up the mountain. The payoff is the beauty of Mallorca. Every day,  despite the puffing, aching and sweating the views are never short of spectacular.  I fall madly in love with the island.” - Harper’s Bazaar Magazine

"Of all the detox programs this is the only one likely to lead to improved muscle tone,too. No wonder it's a favorite of the stars”!!! - Elle Magazine

“There is a magical place where the highest forms of human intention and commitment weave seamlessly with Nature's Blessings and Beauty. It is called The Ashram”. - Vern Swaback, - guest

“The best week of the year!!! The program is crazily tough, beautiful and unique." - Spa and Halsa Magazine (Sweden)

"I dream of The Ashram Life. It is decided for you, what to do, where to go and how to get there" - Grazia Magazine 

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