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Your Action Filled Day!

You can expect a schedule similar to The Ashram in California yet with its own ingredients. We only allow 14 guests per week to attend. Mallorca is known for its amazing and challenging hiking. You will experience mountain treks with up to 3000 ft. elevation gain daily.Your afternoon strength training exercises will include kayaking,TRX, circuit training, and mat Pilates. Yoga will be taught mornings and evenings to tone, stretch and calm.

A Typical Day : Wake up.........5:30 Strong Morning yoga Light Breakfast Hike ( 4-6 hours) A luscious lunch Daily massage Strength training/kayaking Evening yoga/meditation Delicious dinner. Evening programs.

Expect to lose weight, if that is what you desire, gain muscle, renew and brighten your spirit and make lots of new friends.

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We Don't Count Calories... We Count on You Loving it!

Our diet is designed to help you detoxify, as well as delight and tantalize your taste buds. We use a nutrient dense nutritional approach when we create our Spanish vegetarian menu. Living foods, juices and lots of fresh vegetables from our organic garden will be uniquely prepared as well as Spanish favorites like Tortilla Espanola, Coca de Trampo and Vegetarian Paella.

Mallorca is noted for its culinary sensibilities and our chef promises that you will not go away disappointed!!



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