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Your Days on The Camino with The Ashram

We will only be taking 12 guests for each of the three weeks we are running this program. You will be up early for morning yoga if our accommodations allow.

As we are staying in small hotels in the villages we have to be creative in finding spaces for our activities and will try our best to make it happen.

You have breakfast and then start the walk for the day. We will transport your luggage from one hotel to the next. All you need on your walk is your day pack.

We will also give you a scallop shell to put on your backpack to identify you as a pilgrim. You will also get a pilgrim passport that has to have two stamps a day from churches,restaurants or hotels along the way to prove that you have walked the distance once you get to Santiago. The Ashram staff will be on the trails as well as at snack points and lunch places. You can have lunch any time you get into the designated village so you do not have to wait for everyone to arrive. The most important thing on this walk is that you find your own rhythm.

At the end of the day we will have a yoga class as well as a well deserved massage concentrating on legs, arms and upper back.

We all have dinner together and early to bed.

Food on The Camino
Food at The Ashram Food on The Camino

Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner, water and snacks are included but you might need a few euros for extra drinks or snacks you decide to get along the way. You will be served food as healthy as we can get it as you are basically on a preset "Pilgrim Menu". You will have a choice of fish, meat or a vegetarian dish for dinner. Usually for lunch we serve a nice soup and salad or tortilla espanola (omelette). Again this is the Camino which takes you out of your comfort zone on many levels.

For example gluten free breads rarely exists so flexibility is required here too. On the other hand there will be wine served to the ones that want at dinner.

We are not going to restrict our guests from the whole Camino experience,where sharing a glass of wine with fellow pilgrims is a common ritual at dinner time. We let it be a personal choice what to have or not.

This is part of the fun and exciting experiences of The Camino!!!!

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