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A wise person once said: “The strength of a fort is not the walls that surround it, but the dedication and comradeship of those who defend it." The Ashram has been very fortunate to maintain a loyal and dedicated staff.

A feeling of “family” permeates our work environment. Instructors, office personnel, massage therapists, kitchen, housekeeping and grounds staff are all professionals who care and love what they do. They understand that it is the quality and sincerity of their efforts that will ultimately make your stay the most special experience you can have.

The Ashram is blessed to have such a great staff, and returning guests look forward to renewing old friendships with them from previous visits. We really are one large family!

"I have been visiting the Ashram for years and will always return for my yearly retreat. The staff and guides are wonderful. The massages are top notch and the yoga set in a beautiful yoga dome is fabulous."—TripAdvisor


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