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Your Action-Filled Days at The Ashram

In a world of distractions and constant change, The Ashram’s program is set up to let you reconnect to yourself, while empowering each person to find their inner and outer strength to climb any “mountain.”

You’ll transform the body, mind and soul as you immerse yourself each day in our simple but effective program that we were the innovators in creating over 40 years ago. The Ashram guests are hiking the natural unspoiled mountains that hug the pacific coast, participating in fitness classes of various disciplines and evening educational programs while enjoying The Ashram's healthy cleansing vegetarian diet as the foundation each and every day.

You’ll release yourself from any decisions, as our amazing staff guides you to your goals using their talent, joy, heart and lots of contagious laughter.

It’s a challenging week for sure but you’ll take yourself to limits you never thought you could achieve as you make the guided journey back to Self.

"When you feel that you cannot go on, when the 6 a.m. wake-up call, the twice-daily yoga classes, the 1,000 calorie-a-day diet, and the sixteen mile hikes are too much, they are at your side, hugging you, kissing you, encouraging you, cleansing your chakras." - Harper's & Queen

Food at The Ashram
Food at The Ashram

We Don't Count Calories... We Count on You Loving it!

Your food is all organic vegetarian. It is wholesome, nutritious, and prepared by people who deeply enjoy what they do.... very nurturing.

We grow most of the vegetables that you will consume in our own organic garden. It is a labor of love and a daily celebration of the harvest of nature's bounty.

It is very likely that you will develop a new relationship with food during your stay, one that will carry over long after your visit with us has ended.

With all the fresh air, exercise and increased activity, your appreciation of self will grow while your food intake is naturally decreased. You can easily lose 5 to 10 pounds in a week if your goal is weight loss.

As a result, your body will find it's perfect balance.

"... the rustic program and surroundings create a recipe that could neither be replicated nor improved upon." - Vogue - Spa & Health

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